This is a demanding sport, not learned in a day, but be assured that the result of your efforts will be a stronger body and spirit. We laugh together in a joyful, supportive atmosphere. The programs Naiades offers allow you to move at your own pace and ability. We find healing on the water through the power of our commitment, and we hope to provide inspiration to all of those who face the challenges of cancer. We are supporting people who have faced cancer or are currently under treatment by providing physical conditioning, rehabilitation, education, and camaraderie.

Happy New Year to All and to an “Off the Water” Winter season in 2021!

Our winter session will begin Tuesday, Jan. 12th with Zoom Circuit workouts with Coach Alyssa and Yoga workouts with Coach Robin.

The link will be sent on Monday. We begin at 5:45 pm with a social gathering and the workout will begin at 6 pm.

We also are going to include some fun challenges to get us going and to get prepared for rowing this spring/summer, hopefully.

Everyone interested, please sign up using this link          2021 Jan-Mar Sign Up        or 


 so we have an idea of how many will join.

There will not be any fee for zoom sessions.

About ~10 showed interest in Outdoor workouts.

I will plan once or twice a month for a walk in a park, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Please join as we will keep bundled up and warm with our masks and scarves.