We are happy to present some exciting new customized changes and some limited offerings to our clothing selections! For one, you will be able to color customize tee shirts for your particular type of cancer affiliation.
Visit  https://naiadesoncologyrowing.itemorder.com/  where you can choose from tees, short and long sleeve, golf shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, sweats and hats all with Naiades Logo.
Orders for all of items will need to be submitted by 12/03/2020. You can either choose to have the items shipped to you or picked up from the vendor.
Our clothing will be offered quarterly via our NewsLetter, FaceBook and Web page

 We enjoyed our fall workouts and found them challenging.  The challenge we face now is Rochester weather.

We will start our next session of workouts on November 10th running through December 15th. 

COVID is limiting indoor workouts so we will continue with our outdoor walks or ZOOM workouts. 

Updated information is located on the Program Tab